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Christmas Postcard

Following on from the success of last year, Mothers’ Union is delighted to announce the return of our Bye Buy Childhood Christmas Postcards. These cards are ideal for handing out to friends, family, at church and events, and are designed to support parents in navigating the commercial world around Christmas. The cards also include some great ideas for non-consumer based Christmas activities.


Mothers’ Union call for support from Church of England to help end the commercialisation of childhood

Mothers’ Union today, Monday 13th July 2015, asked members of the General Synod of The Church of England to engage with the concerns parents are voicing over the impact of commercialisation on children and on the well-being of the family.

In a panel led debate chaired by Rt. Rev David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon, Mothers’ Union raised awareness of their Bye Buy Childhood campaign and called for help from the Lords Spiritual to raise recommendations in Parliament which have been drafted by Mothers’ Union as a result of their most recent research.


4th July 2014: Have your say


We are pleased to hear from anyone (Mothers’ Union member or not) in response to these questions. In order to help us use the data captured here and to be able to make accurate comparisons:

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28th May 2013: Mothers' Union welcomes Bailey Review Progress Report

In 2011 Reg Bailey undertook a Review for the UK Government into how children could better be protected from commercialisation and sexualisation. In the nearly two years since his 14 recommendations were made, much progress has been made. As the Government announced its "stocktake" into this progress, Mothers' Union is delighted to welcome new announcements that music, sport and religious videos will have age classifications in order to ensure parents are better equipped to judge the appropriateness of such material for their child.

5th November 2012: Mothers' Union launches Labelled for Life

Labelled for Life is the new resource from the Bye Buy Childhood campaign. Aimed specifically at families, Labelled for Life is a book full of ideas and strategies to help give confidence and strategies to handle the pressures put on parents. The booklet is full of helpful tips – many contributed by members who are themselves parents – to ensure parents are able to manage their child’s expectations and build their awareness of the advertising industries around them.

2nd November 2012: Launch of 'Stable Family Life' advent calendar

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Bye Buy Childhood advent calendar, a family resource that you can make and colour together. Each day’s window has a specially written message, activity or thought for the day, focusing the build up to Christmas on the importance of time together as a family. The sheets are easy to print and colour, and can be enjoyed by families of all shapes and sizes.

24th October 2012: Launch of Welsh bilingual postcard to Ofcom

Mothers’ Union in Wales launched a new bilingual postcard in October, as part of the Bye Buy Childhood campaign. Members have produced a handy postcard pre-addressed to Ofcom for people to fill in the details of any television programmes they are unhappy with, for example a programme containing sexually explicit material or violence before the 9pm watershed.